Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SVIIB/Fujiya and Miyagi

Last night B and I met up at one of our fave watering holes, V Bar, for a glass before heading over to (le) Poisson Rouge to see a band I'm really into at the moment, School of Seven Bells.

Having still not mastered the elusive art of "perfect show timing," we arrived at LPR a good hour before SVIIB hit the stage. As we stood in the front while they played through eight songs from Alpinisms, I was completely transfixed on Benjamin Curtis, particularly his right foot as it seemed to create 90% of the music through the use of a delay pedal and other knobs and buttons on a control panel before him (pictured above). It was all very Kevin Shields.

SVIIB was opening up for Brit rockers Fujiya and Miyagi, a band I don't listen to very often but I think is really great live. I caught another one of their shows last October during CMJ at Mercury Lounge where the drawing act (for me) was opener Tobacco. Fujiya and Miyagi's set was a mélange of driving beats and funky numbers presented before a backdrop of pixelated old school arcade-like visuals.

We left the show right before the encore, in fact, we exited the room exactly when the band did. It was entertaining to overhear them pondering whether or not to give the crowd a few more as we made our way up the staircase.

SVIIB and Fujiya and Miyagi are touring into the beginning of March and this Friday, they will be at one of my old stomping grounds: Athens's Fabulous 40-Watt. So if any Athens peeps are keeping up with this blog, go check them out! Should be a great show.

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