Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beirut @ BAM

The bad news is: my iPhone died. And the good news is: my iPhone died.

You see, when the 3G iPhone exploded onto the mobile devices scene, it brought along with it the App store. And with the birth of iPhone applications came the death of free time on the train ride home to jot down Lazy Robots posts.

That's right people, Apple killed Lazy Robots!

At any rate, with a little bit of spare time on my evening commute, I thought I'd share a really amazing evening I was lucky enough to partake in just last weekend.

Saturday night, Yer, Jake, Brandon and I caught the second night performance by Beirut at BAM. The acoustics inside BAM's Opera House proved to be far superior to the previous time we saw them in the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

Beirut is one of the few bands that sound more incredible live than they do on their recordings. They played a number of songs including "Nantes" and "Cherbourg" and the Vassar Orchestra joined them halfway through the set for "Sunday Smile" and many more. The combination of accordion, horns, strings and enormous drum made my eyes gleam like Omar Sharif's.

The only complaint of the night was the fact that you couldn't take drinks up to the Opera House for the show - all in all, a fair trade for an experience like this.

On another note, Japanese noisecore band Mono is playing a Wordless show at The Society For Ethical Culture on May 8th where they will be joined by a 23-piece orchestra. I'm buying my tickets for that right after clicking "PUBLISH POST" here.

While it's sad that my phone bit the dust after a mere 13 months of usage, I will most likely run out and buy another one immediately. Hopefully that won't kill the momentum that I've created here today. Stay tuned!

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