Sunday, February 15, 2009

Craze-y for dnb

The not-so-unlucky streak of Friday the 13th went strong into the early morning hours of Saturday. After a delicious dinner at a dumpling restaurant called M, I found myself at Studio B with BFF extraordinaire, T$. When we arrived, Drop the Lime was doing a live set which was somewhat interesting but mostly lacking in excitement. The crowd energy instantly picked up the moment Craze hit the decks.

The highlight of the night for me was around the 3am hour when Craze asked the crowd if anyone was up for some old school drum and bass. He dropped (and instantly rewound) Konflict's "The Messiah" and then went into 5 or 6 tunes including a Total Science tune whose title escapes me now and the infamous "Fugees or Not" white label (was that Zinc?) Rolling amens and pure classics.

I haven't danced like that in like, a decade. Thanks Craze! Big Ups!

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