Monday, March 30, 2009


The Saturday before last, the ladies and I ventured to far (north) east Manhattan for a Manga/Anime/Video Games exhibit at the Japan Society called "KRAZY!
 The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games."

The show was small in size but big in visual stimulation. Highlights included a Nintendo Game Cube, mounted to the wall in a bubble (I have one in my living room! Should I sell it to a museum?") and sketches from a book called "The Afterlife of a DJ" (I can relate.)

The first room contained an enormous bookcase that you could browse through. The walls were covered in choice excepts. The second paid tribute to classic video games (think Super Mario Bros. 2) with stations where you could play them. The last room's massive walls were lined with numerous screens and smaller viewing spaces where you could watch Anime (provided you have a killer attention span as they were all playing at once.)

We zipped through it all pretty quickly but for anyone out there who's been laid off or just has lots of time to kill, I recommend checking it out as you could entertain yourself for hours (that is if Manga, Anime or video games are your bag.)

The show is up until June 14.

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