Saturday, March 28, 2009


(This is a bad example of food porn because I did not photograph the meals till we were done eating.)

This Thursday evening, a team of carnivorous set out for the Korean food challenge, hitting up the famous "Korean Way" block (32nd between 5th and 6th street). As we navigated the raining, bustling street, lined with hotels, karaoke bars and 24hour Korean restaurants I noticed that K-town was a hot bed for young Korean hipsters. We decided on Kun Jip a quaint restaurant with impeccable service! We started the night out with a few Hites, a Korean beer I had never had before and the usual Korean picked side dishes, featuring fan favorites, dried squid and a steamy egg dish. We also sampled some of the dumplings which we decided not to call home about and then decided on Korean BBQ, a grilled spicy pork and boneless short ribs, a seafood bibimbob and a spicy pork bone, potato casserole/soup. Everything was delish, transporting one restaurant guest to his "homeland" and his mother's cooking! The evening was rounded out with a lovely cold tea drink laced with Cinnamon and honey and a tea rice porridge.

Future K-town adventures will have to include a night of karoake!


aurelie_bot said...

should we add a "lazy food" section? ;) i love k-town! i went there with helen once to drink with all her underage korean cousins!

tom said...

yum!!! can't wait to go back.