Sunday, March 15, 2009

Infinity +1

I'm not sure what's going on with A-Trak's album art work (see right). I certainly didn't feel compelled to buy it on a T-Shirt last night and would even go as far as to say that the mere presentation of it on a shirt confused me.

Though while the design may be questionable, one thing is for sure: the mix album, which will be pre-released on iTunes next week and available in stores on March 31st, should be a killer.

A few of us headed over to Studio B to check out the NYC stop of the "Infinity +1" tour in support of the album last night. DJ’s on deck were A-Trak and Medhi. When we arrived, Nick Catchdubs was finishing up and soon afterwards A-Trak and Medhi hit the stage for a 3-hour tag team set.

I was initially stoked at the concept of a collective set from these two but the reality of it was a total letdown. A-Trak is an amazing DJ, Medhi, not so much. Their styles weren't really cohesive and every time Medhi would lay down a tune, I found myself ready for A-Trak to get back on.

They played a lot of fun stuff including a couple Laidback Luke jams, Bodyrox’s "Yeah Yeah" and Treasure Fingers' "Cross the Dancefloor." The highlight of the night for me was a house remix of Animal Collective's "My Girls", possibly this version.

This was by far the most packed I've seen Studio B since they reopened, making dancing quite a challenge. Is Studio B back?

Note to self, Studio B - you need more bartenders. Also $8 well drinks? You're in Brooklyn! And a side note to Studio B goers - you get a free drink with your car service or taxi receipt now, so remember to show it at the door to get your drink ticket.


yer_bot said...

hella raving it up!

tom said...

yeah-waaaay tooo packed. note to clubgoers: if you're going to a "dance" show, dance! you can nod your head or grind on your girlfriend by the bar/chillout areas/v.i.p. lounge/bathrooms. a dancefloor is for dancing-duh. let us have our epileptic seizures in comfort.