Monday, March 9, 2009

Killing it all the way to Vermont

The '08-09 snowboarding season has not proved to be a great one for my crew. Not one, but two of my friends found themselves in surgery by the end of it. But those of us who are still standing were treated to a very special experience this past weekend courtesy of Override Events.

Between the "should be at work" hours of 1 and 2pm on Friday afternoon, a bus picked us up outside the Volcom store in Soho. We climbed over many large coolers to secure the three-seater spot in the back, cracked open a Brooklyn Winter Ale and the rest is history.

Our bus was a party on wheels the full length of the ride up to Vermont. With two headphone splitters in tow, we tried to keep it low key and watch movies but once we heard Onyx's "Slam!" (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!) over the PA system, we let out a collective "F*ck Rachel and her wedding!" and got up to join the party.

I've never danced on a bus before. It's pretty awesome. It's even better when the selection ranges all the way from American Analog Set to Dr. Dré.

The weekend was filled with good, yet slushy riding in soft snow and a lot of fun times with new friends and interesting characters.

For those New Yorkers who partake in the daily weekend trips organized by local shops such as Emilio's and Paragon, I highly recommend looking into Override's trips as an alternative. The guys who run them are super cool, it's a blast and two days of shredding is always better than one.

Ovrerride is doing one final trip this year to Stratton that happens to fall on one of the organizer's birthdays. Check out the pics below for an indication of the amount of fun to expect just on the way up and see you on the slopes!

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yer_bot said...

papo looks like a hasdic jew in this photo, looked like a partee on that bus!