Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Sweetest Story, The Gates, Central Park

So, a few years ago I had one of the most amazing experience ever, working on The Gates Project with Jean Claude and Christo in Central Park. 9 other people and I spent a very long week from the crack of dawn till 5 putting up the gates, unveiling the gates and walking through them. I took vacation time, skipped school and got paid a measly $6/hour to work outdoors in Central Park in the middle of February, I must have been nuts. It was the most manual labor I've ever done in my life, in fact, I still have scars from that week, it was quite bloody, but at the same time there was this beautiful sense of belonging and contribution and I will never forget that experience. Anyway, I'm not here to reminiscence about how great it was to freeze in Central Park or to construct and lift over 100 gates, I'm here to tell the sweetest story ever. While we were all sweat freezing through the project, two of the members of my "Crew" met and fell in love and will be getting married next week! I got the invitation today and just thought I'd share with you and the world that wonderful things do happen!

Congratulations Mark and Amelie!
(see photo of them @ Burning Man, I wanna go!)

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