Monday, September 10, 2007

Block Party/ Schnäck

Saturday afternoon, en route to Red Hook, destined for a block party, I wandered by Schnäck. A mere 467 days ago, my friend Chris offered to take me out for dinner to celebrate my first night in my new CG$ apartment, a welcome diversion from the towers of boxes that haunted me there. His suggestion was Schnäck, a place that served greasy fare and infamous beer milkshakes.

Like you, “Beer milkshakes” doesn’t exactly conjure up a delicious idea in my mind. But, being a fan of both beer and milkshakes and the kind of girl that’s willing to try almost anything once, I was going to give it a shot.

The shakes were much easier on the taste buds than I could’ve imagined, at least the chocolate flavor. I had a sip of a vanilla one many months later and sadly, I can’t say the same for those.

But back to this past Saturday, as I walked past the familiar restaurant, something in the window caught my eye: a sign that read, "We are BYOB now...”

What? BYOB? If I bring my own beer, will you still blend it into a delicious milkshake for me, Schnäck?

This is the end of a glorious era for the CG$/Red Hook community. First Lido Bar was supposed to be closing down (a vicious rumor, thankfully) and now Schnäck no longer has a liquor license?

Fortunately, I did find a new haunt on this excursion across the BQE, a bar at the very end of Columbia called Moonshine. At Moonshine, you can purchase four PBR’s in a bucket at the stellar rate of $5 and eat free peanuts in the shell to your heart’s content, a perk obviously taken advantage of by many of the bar's patrons judging by the layer of discarded shells that cover the floor. Also, there's Waffle House menus hanging on the ceiling, which made me miss the ATL a little. It’s a charming local dive and I envision myself hiding out there many nights this upcoming fall and winter.

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