Monday, September 10, 2007

Ahh, yes . . . NY Fashion Week

Ah yes, y'all, New York is in the midst of their Fashion Week and for the first time in years, I've been kind of sleeping on the events. I guess turning 30 diverted my attention to simple things like, Brooklyn Brewery, kayaking, watching the disappointing season finale of the Conchords, eating chocolate cupcakes, stressing about writing my thesis this semester and planning my Fall itinerary (which includes lots of shows and hopefully some volunteer work).

Having some time off from Fashion Geek has given me some time to peruse the oodles of info and pictures on the net and so far these are the designers that stand out in the Spring/Summer 08' season. Karen Walker, (photo, left) created an off-beat look inspired by horse races and I would say, treasures found at a yard sale, Proenza Schouler (photo, right) was an obvious choice, they're like the mack daddies of New York design but for S/S 08,' created a mish-mosh of styles, from military to tribal. P.S. will emphasize legs in the warmer season with short bouncy skirts and long fitted torso tops.

Threeasfour, (photo, left) who graciously sent me a front row seat invitation but I opted out instead to go kayaking with my lovely BF Jake, was also a standout, presenting a simple monochrome collection using whites and asymmetrical proportions and lastly, Vena Cava produced a collection mixed with 1930s and 1970s influences showcasing long skirts with interesting prints. Anywhozzy, just an update! Check out my personal S/S 08' lookbook on here!

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aurelie_bot said...

i like the philosophy and mcq stuff. oh and by the way, in case you didn't hear yet - project runway season 4 debuts on november 14!!! two more months...!