Monday, September 17, 2007

And the award goes to...

So is it just me, or is the award season so far a total joke? Let's start with the now infamous MTV music video awards. First this is a joke because you rarely ever see videos on MTV anymore, as pointed out by the lovely Justin Timberlake during the show. ( I don't want to see anymore of the Simpson sister's respective reality shows either.) Second, YES Brittney Spears was horrible but that was the only reason a lot of us tuned in. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a Brittney hater and I wanted to see the flop live rather than hear about it second hand, and I did, repeated several times thanks to A's TiVo. Third, and thankfully I'm not alone in this contrary to several early reports, Mtv's new award show format was very uncomfortable to watch. The reason we tune in is to see the performances, these were limited to short teasers where we were encouraged to visit the internet for the full show. The production was rife with awkwardness and technical difficulty. For example, did anyone notice the guy pushing Jennifer Garner down the stairs on her way to present an award with Jamie Foxx? It was priceless, even Mtv's staff has admitted to not being happy with the outcome. Also who came up with the award categories? I was grateful for the shorter two hour format, but that was about it. Oh and Kanye West's rumored outbursts were quite enjoyable too, but I guess technically that wasn't part of the broadcast. Oh and sorry Mr. West but if you had opened the show I wouldn't have busted my ass to get to the beginning of the show like I did for Brittney.

Let us now move on to the Emmy's. Boring. The circular stage wasn't exciting, half the audience got to see the back of some important people in the TV biz, and I kept waiting for a rock show to start or a stand up comedian to come on. Ryan Seacrest as host, umm really? Wasn't there someone else more dynamic, and less pop culture? It seemed like the same movies and mini-series were nominated in every award category. Come on, there had to have been a little more going on in the television world this year. I mean how many times did Robert Duval get up on stage to make a long winded speech about cowboys and have to get played off. What's going on? Is there no creativity involved in the planning of these shows anymore? Fine, great take a risk but Ryan frickin' Seacrest? really? I didn't even make it through the whole show, maybe it got better but I somehow doubt it. Maybe I should do what I normally do and completely ignore all the award shows.

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it is something to complain and blog about :)