Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rebuilding Central Park

Recently, I attended a small soirée thrown by Agency Magma in their Tribeca location featuring local artists and professionals (alongside champagne and tasty Hendrick's Gin cocktails.)

On display in the Magma office were posters for a campaign called Rebuilding Central Park that my boyfriend had been doing illustrations for two weeks prior to the event.

Rebuilding Central Park is a fundraising effort to get trees replanted in Central Park to replace the hundreds which were lost or damaged over the Summer due to a Storm.

The campaign utilizes a very cool technology called QR Code. QR Codes are bar codes (like the one you see on the top of this page) which can be decoded with a QR Reader that you can download onto your mobile phone or wireless device.

Magma is encouraging people to donate their Facebook and Twitter statuses or their blogs to raise awareness for this cause (which is precisely what I'm doing now!)

So check out the site, raise some awareness of your own or if you're feeling generous, kick some funds over to Central Park. Let's use the world wide web for good and fix this tree situation! Thanks for the inspiration, Magma!

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