Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coming Full Circle

Nestled betwixt the culinary delights that are Taco Chulo and The Lodge on Grand Street in Williamsburg now lies a new bar called Full Circle.

Like most people living through these tough economic times, I try and do my share to help new businesses thrive. And true to my French roots, I am drawn to any drinking establishment that opens its doors within a quarter mile radius of where I live. So it wasn't bound to be long before I set foot in there. The experience turned out to be quite educational.

Last week, I learned about Brostep, this week, I learned about Brewskee-ball, the first ever competitive Skee-Ball League which calls Full Circle Bar its home in New York City.

Seriously y'all, Kickball is so 2000 and late. It's all about Brewskee-ball these days!

Full Circle boasts twice as many Skee-Ball lanes as nearby Hugs and four times as many as Redd's - that's right people, four Skee-Ball lanes. At $1 a pop (anyone remember the days when it cost a quarter for a game of Skee-Ball?) and combined with alcohol, this formula ensures much wealth for the owners.

Here's to many rolls to come, Full Circle!

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Brobble said...

skee ball in the winter to keep the arms limber for summer bocce