Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another reason to love New York

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, but it was the only device I could whip out fast enough to catch the moment. Even the old cell came out after a prolonged fight with my tote. Note to self: get a new bag. Anyway, I'm leaving dinner the other night with my dude and I come across a marching band. Yep, a marching band. Granted we were near NYU but a marching band? Oh, and it gets better. As they draw closer and I see that they're just a bunch of rag tag musicians sans band uniform, I hear them exclaim IN UNISON, "Push it real good!" My jaw dropped as I fumbled for my phone. They were playing SALT N PEPA!? That's another reason for me to love new york. Here I am minding my own business wandering down a random street and I encounter a marching band playing Push It. Amazing.


aurelie_bot said...

i love it. new york is oftentimes the most ridiculous city in the world :) constant entertainment!

tom_bot said...

" you here the music pumping hard like i wish you would?"