Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ulrich Schnauss at Winter Garden

Tuesday night, after picking up my tickets for the free July 4th Sonic Youth show and downing a large and expensive cerveza at nearby "Mexican" eatery, I found a cold hard seat on the back stairs inside the Winter Garden where I could listen to Ulrich Schnauss's dreamy, and recently, eerie, sounds capes.

This show was essentially a less intimate version of the last time I caught Ulrich. He played a lot of new material, some older (more favorable track) and at least one track I didn't recognize that sounded really nice. Perhaps his new material will be more similar to earlier tunes? Let's hope so.

The Winter Garden experience has me a little worried for the Kode 9 show there next week. First of all, the sound was sub par. I'm spoiled by the sound system at Love, where the Dub War parties usually take place, so I'm interested to see how the sound will be next week.

Second, I've only been to this space twice. I saw CocoRosie there last year and Ulrich there this week. Both times, it was set up as a seated show. Is this going to be the case for Kode 9? That should be interesting...

Still, next Tuesday can't come fast enough. Hurry up the Kode 9! (And BOO to Burial's DJ Kicks release being pushed back two weeks.)

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