Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roberta's: Real tasty

Also last month, I took the L train further out than usual, to the Morgan stop, to meet Yer at a pizza joint called Roberta's that was recommended to us a week before at our monthly dubstep outing.

As I emerged onto Bogart, a street I normally frequent between the mischievous hours of midnight to 6am for Brian's legendary rooftop bashes, I was surprised at how much has cropped up in the area. It used to be one bar and one market but the street is now lined with various establishments.

Roberta's fare consists primarily of gourmet pizzas, salads and antipasto. Our waiter was very excited about the ingredients he had to offer and sold me on a pizza named "The Teen Wolf" topped with mushrooms and ramps (a relative of onions, which I normally hate.)

The pies were *r e a l* tasty, the company was fabulous and the three bottles of wine consumed were completely over the top. We promised the staff we'd blog about the amazing experience we had there and I'm happy to live up to that promise now

If you live in the area, do yourself a favor and give this place a try. And if you don't, do yourself a favor and venture out to Bushwick to see what you're missing out on.


yer_bot said...
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yer_bot said...

FYI nymag also published a piece on Roberta's this week, too bad we're one up on them!

aurelie_bot said...

even when we sit on a post for like 2 weeks :) yay us!