Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crazy dancer

Last Tuesday I had the chance to see iconic Icelandic band Sigur Rós perform inside the Midtown MOMA before a gorgeous New York City backdrop (though to be fair, I couldn't see much more than the giant pillar I got stuck behind.)

On Friday, I visited the Whitney Museum for the first time where I caught half a set by Prefuse 73 and then booked it downtown for Dub War's 3-year Anniversary, which featured the man running all tings dubstep, Skream.

That may seem like quite a week but the best part took place on Sunday at The Yard where we missed the rain and caught a sizeable chunk of Afrika Bambaataa's set. But if you think the tunes the legendary DJ was laying down did the trick, you're mistaken. The highlight was my introduction to the one, the only "Crazy Dancer."

From the enticing shirtless attire to the fly swatter in the back pocket and the uncanny ability to thrust around on and off the ground whilst never managing to catch a beat, "Crazy Dancer" is without a doubt the most fascinating and interesting fixture I've seen to date in the New York dance/club scene.

My friends were well aware of his antics and the sighting warranted an emergency phone call to other friends who were out of town in Pennsylvania.

I apologize for the crappy video and the fact that my memory card was full by the time he was screaming along to Daft Punk's "One More Time," but I hope the clip above gives you some idea of the insanity we witnessed.

See you around, "Crazy Dancer!"


Blair said...

Have my baby, Crazy Dancer! We missed you last summer, but this summer you are BACK. oh and FYI you Lazy Robots - Crazy Dancer LOVES PS1.

allison said...

I want to make sweet sweaty off rhythm love to him!!!

just another white guy said...

You may ask yourself, why is this Dancer so Crazy? This is why: he exists to AVOID the beat. He dedicates all of his energy to identifying and then assiduously DODGES it. WHich is hard to do at a hip hop or house event, which difficulty informs his movements, which are spastic, arrhythmic, and completely unpredictable. He also likes to take it off, last seen dancing barefoot and shirtless in the rain at the yard. An NYC classic.

Seok4 said...

oh dude...