Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting real

Every few months, I’m struck with the notion of moving into the city or to Williamsburg, yet time and time again, I reconsider. I love CG$ because it’s real, the people, the hangouts, the vibe and nothing pleases me more than spending a whole weekend in my hood doing fun things without ever needing to hop onto a train.

Friday night, Omar, Dennis and I ventured down to Lido’s to pay our final respects. The bar wasn’t as well stocked with mixers as usual, forcing us to shoot the Don Julio straight up, Tulum style. We downed a few drinks there; wandered down to Mooshine to play pool, then back to Lido’s and eventually my place for a challenging drunken Guitar Hero session.

Saturday, I hosted an intimate pumpkin carving soirée. S made pumpkin ravioli from scratch as Y and I tried to bring our wildest pumpkin visions to life. We drank sangria and roasted pumpkin seeds. It was very Martha Stewart, a different but welcome way to spend a Saturday night.

Sunday, the girls and I met up with Erin for brunch at Miriam in Cobble Hill and then we caught an early afternoon showing of Ryan Gosling’s new flick, “Lars and the Real Girl,” written by Six Feet Under's Nancy Oliver.

I didn’t know what to expect with this movie. Admittedly, the primary draw for us was Gosling’s hotness. The reviews have been widely mixed.

But while the premise seems ridiculous and conjures up a lot of creepy notions, the movie was original, emotional, superbly acted and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Gosling was amazing. The emotional range in his beautiful kind eyes moves me to pieces. Only he could make me weep at the funeral of his sex doll girlfriend. Patricia Clarkson also stood out.

The way this movie rides the fine line between absurd hilarity and tragedy is nothing short of genius. Overall, I would highly recommend it.


Bethany said...

Is Miriam still doing the biblical menu? I wanted to check that out before it ends...

yer_bot said...

when ryan gosling cries, the whole world stops. thats all. oh and never thought i'd cry over a blow up doll. bianca for president!

miriam was delicious minus the falsely acclaimed "best bloody mary."

yer_bot said...

bianca should have said yes, dumbass!

aurelie_bot said...

according to their site, the biblical menu is just during october so there should be 3 nights left. and it's only for dinner.