Friday, October 26, 2007

Buh bye Lido’s

Earlier this week, Omar broke some news to me that I refused to accept. He informed me that the bartender at Lido’s told him last Sunday that the bar would be closing for good next Friday, as in today.

What? How can you do this to me, Lido’s? I’ve only lived in Brooklyn a little over a year and a half and you’re already deserting me? Talk about abandonment issues!

Remember all the good times we had, Lido’s? Remember Dennis’s Birthday ’06?

And who could forget the night of bitchiness when we got hustled at pool by “Suit and Sweater” before they scampered off to the Burg for that art thing?

But most of all, can any of us remember Dennis’s Birthday ’07? (I certainly recall the brutal aftermath the following day…)

Honestly Lido’s, where is Dennis supposed to celebrate his birth next year? Have you thought about that?

While I still haven’t come to terms with this tragedy, if you must go, I’ll see you tomorrow night to send you off in style as I drown my sorrows with very reasonably priced drinks. What do you say CG$ and Red Hook ¢ massive? Who’s down for giving Lido’s a proper going away?

You will be missed, Lido’s. =(


yer_bot said...

goodbye $5 grapefruit and tequilas! goodbye free shots from the lovely bartenders, goodbye goodtimes . . . damn the man!

Dennis said...

I will forsake my diet, just for tonight.

Danny Eagle said...

This is BULLSHIT! Lido is to my friends what the Wailing Wall is to Jews! What Target is to shoppers! What whiskey is to my liver! UNACCEPTABLE.

Anonymous said...

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