Sunday, October 21, 2007

Et Justice pour tous

The idea of two guys standing behind a huge illuminated cross, as though they're larger than life gods is just a bit over the top. But when those two guys are French duo Justice and they're unleashing fierce electronic beats to a hungry sea of people, it works.

The Justice show at Terminal 5 was insane. There are no words. The highlight for me was when they played "We Are Your Friends" and every single one of the 3,000 in attendance screamed out "We are your friends, you'll never be alone again!" at the top of their lungs. It was truly a moment.

The show was great, the sound was great, and everyone had an absolute blast. Watch out Daft Punk, Justice is giving you a run for your money. Don't worry though, the robot suits and the pyramid are a lot cooler than their cross.

Afterwards, we headed over to Studio B to catch Erol Alkan in what was pretty much the Justice after party. We were quickly made aware of the inconvenience of the location of Terminal 5. It took about 20 minutes just to get a cab and at least another 45 (and $30) to get out to Greenpoint.

By the time we got to Studio B, there was a line and it didn't seem to be moving. We stood outside for 45 more minutes and finally got in.

Erol Alkan was the icing on the Justice cake. He is an absolutely amazing DJ and kept everyone dancing, mixing in everything from the Pixies to Hot Chip and Prodigy. My friends were ready to leave around three but I forced them all to stay until the very end. This was definitely one of my top three nights at Studio B (the other two being Diplo and Chromeo.) The club was packed to capacity; it was off the hook.

And speaking of the hook, we made it out to the Red Hook ball fields today for the last Soccer Taco of the season. Hopefully everything will get sorted out so the vendors are back next year. More Mexican corn and Pupusas, please!

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