Sunday, May 13, 2007

We Heart Beer Gardens!

We had such a Laissez-fair weekend! I won't go into the boozing details but I do have to say the bots finally made it out to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Queens this weekend and the verdict was that if we ever win the lottery, we'd spend a portion on it constructing our very own booze garden in Brooklyn!

Just some tidbits:

Czechovakia is comprised of the regions Moravia and Bohemia - best known for their lager beers and hella damn good hops and barley! Some famous Czech beers: Pilsners and Budweiser Budvar (not the crappy American Budweiser)

The Czech Republic has the greatest beer consumption per capita in the world! Something like 161 liters per person, yikes!

At one point in NYC history there were 800 beer gardens, 3 in Astoria. (Lucky bastards!)

The Czechs call beer: "Liquid Bread"

There's an old wives tale in the C.R. that dark lager will make your boobs get bigger

Did you know that there are Beer Trips all over Europe? Whaaaaaaaaaaat!

Apparently there's a beer that people are describing as Liquid Gold in the C.R. called Vendelin and described as: "a bouquet of apricot blossoms with a note of fresh-baked bread, like fruit jam on sourdough toast. The taste is rich and sugary followed by a long, crisp finish." TASTY and on top of it all it has a distribution zone of 2 mountain meadows in South of the Czech Republic. I'm totally going there!

Okay I'll stop obssessing about Czech beer + gardens now, happy monday!

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