Friday, May 4, 2007

TOM AND ROSS IN NYC, Cherry Blossom Festival, Hip Hop @ Blk. Bettys

Oh I know, a friggin week late! Tom and Ross were in town from Athens so I spent the majority of the week showing them the greatness that is called New York and then I've had work and school and somewhere in between it all, I've had no more than 6 hours of sleep every night. Oh Geez!

[T] and [R] arrived late Thursday to an already drunk hostess, Irish vodka and ginger ale and then to the gay bar we all went it was fun and then we headed to alligator where pizza was had by all!

Friday was slow, we got up for lunch at Planet Thailand, the waitress was a total FOB with no clue that perhaps, smiling may be a nice gesture to other humans around it, get over it you live in Williamsburg! then i dragged t and r around the east village and finally to FIT where I had my first orientation for my Paris trip in June! That was real exciting and I'll post the itinerary of the trip soon to make everyone JEALOUS! then I met up with the guys and we roamed around Chelsea and the meat packing where we took this picture

We had Yakitori later along with some homemade cotton candy and headed back to the pad for a very late night raving, I seem to recall taking pictures but don't know where I saved the pictures? DAMN IT!!!! TOO MUCH BOOZE. we then left afterwards and headed to a gay bar in an attempt to see Go-Go dancers, it was T and R's attempt, not mine, I've seen too many gay bars already in New York and I'm straight! It was at the Eastern Bloc (the bar) that we arrived to a small crowd and an available pole (for dancing) thats when Sondra got up and did her thing followed up with Tom and random others, it was quite funny. All along I was wondering, where the freak is my camera?

Anyway, Sat. was Cherry Blossom Fest, see 1st photo, this was followed up by a roof top throw down involving French Margaritas, they were oh sooo tasty and home-made salsa.

and oh wait, my new camera has mad skillz, check it:

sorry I JUST HAD TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay I'm done laughing . . . no wait! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moving on the four of us ended up in a car service to Black Betty for one of their hip hop nights, it was DEAD when we got there and like how we do it, we got the party started, we got the party started right with a round of beers and shots, it was a little out of hand, here's evidence:

lazy moves

whatcha say? cuz i'm sleepy!

Bye, bye Tom and Ross, NY will miss you :)

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