Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One word: BJORK!

Bjork! Yeah I'm just that excited to see her. Yes this is pre-game my friends. I was just so excited I had to share some of it with our loyal readers. What like two of you besides the authors, dosen't matter how many *I love you*. Check back though I'm sure there will be lots more to read on the subject from the three of us though the robots will be divided 2/3 of us tonight (probably no where near each other) and the other third later on in the week.

I love her...I love her...I love her...I love her! Can I just say I almost cried TWICE. I had a permanent grin on my face and I clapped and yelled despite the silence from most of the 2nd mezzanine at Radio City Music Hall. Despite the fact that ushers were actually walking through the crowd and asking people to take their seats and not dance I squirmed rhythmically in my seat.  Despite the fact that the guy next to me fell asleep! during the opening band (which really wasn't warranted) and looked like he was going through hell during Bjork's set I was excited and happy enough for us both.  Her voice was phenomenal! The new stuff she performed was great, the oldies but goodies awesome, the interpretations of Medulla with a live band and not human voice band (?) good except for one song...admittedly this was after a fan had been tackled on, and escorted off stage right behind her. Hell, even I would have been a bit upset. Oceania, Pagan Poetry, All is Full of Love, Wanderlust and The Dull Flame of Desire (with Antony!) stand out as being some of my favorites from the night, but of course they are all my favorites or I wouldn't have been there. She even ended with a protest song, Declare Independence,urging the audience to fly their own flag, make their own currency, and shame on anyone if they let The Man keep them down. Ahh she's awesome!

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