Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ladyhawke lights up Bowery

The night was Tuesday, March 24; the spot was Bowery ballroom. And while many of my friends were packing up and getting ready to hit Miami for some Winter Music mayhem, I was checking out New Zealand pop star Ladyhawke.

After opener Hearts Revolution finished up (and my ears stopped ringing -- they were loud,) we waited for Ladyhawke to take the stage. As we did so, my throat began to dry up and I noticed a smokey aroma in the room. Apparently, a nearby building caught on fire and the deadly fumes were infiltrating the venue.

We waited a good 45 minutes until they decided to crank up the A/C to clear out the smoke and it was deemed safe for the show to go on.

Clad in a Nirvana t-shirt, Ladyhawke took the stage and proceeded to belt out her roller skating rink-style jams for about an hour. Highlights included "Paris is Burning" and an encore performance of "My Delirium."

Overall, it was a great show, well worth the after effects of smoke inhalation that plagued me in the days to come. If Ladyhawke swoops into your town, I highly recommend checking her out.

Note - I was disappointed when I didn't spot Brett or Jemaine anywhere in the audience. Come on New Zealand, represent! Also, I think Flight of the Conchords is conjuring up an unrealistic idea of what New Zealand is like in my mind, one where it's a tiny farming country and everyone knows each other.

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