Thursday, April 2, 2009

Certainty Shelter

My job is a little crazy. (OK, it's a LOT crazy.) But one of my favorite things about that madness is the circle of fascinating and talented people I've met and get to work with everyday there.

Today, following the perennial sh*itstorm that was my day, the coworkers and I set out to Canada art gallery in the vicinity of Chinatown to check the opening of my boss's solo show entitled "Luke Murphy - Certainty Shelter."

With the use of three Geiger counters pointed at a vase filled with Uranium, Murphy creates "perfectly random" radioactive bleeps which translate into aural beeps and moving visuals projected onto three walls in a dark room.

The result is strangely hypnotic and most definitely the kind of thing Murphy could bank with if he got into the business of setting up chill out rooms for raves.

Check out some videos I took here or check it out in person at Canada gallery. The show is up until May 3rd.

1 comment:

tom said...

i love the one with the birds in flight. it kinda made me think about the birds that flew into the engine of that plane that landed in the hudson.