Saturday, August 25, 2007

A-bot's B-day

A's birthday started out Friday night at a variety of places including Royal Oak, where we pounded a few High Life Ponies and well whiskies (ugh!), trying to dance to the random crazy music that was playing there. The night, of course, ended at our favorite Williamsburg bar, Union Pool, where we left A to a group of boys as we stumbled our way homes to rest for the next day. Saturday started in the late afternoon with a day in the sun at MOMA's kid sister museum, P.S. 1 (P.S. stands for public school, the museum's past life). Warm-up, the Saturday Summer party that makes me so very happy was on the agenda for the day and it was A's first museum+dancing+beer+veggie burger experience.

The idea of the museum as a dancing venue is quite genius! It's practically a dream combination for me! Stocked with water bottles full of vodka tonics with some slices of cucumbers in them (to keep the, oh so, refreshing taste) we explored the museum galleries first, finding some very interesting and at times boring art pieces. Devoted to "contemporary and alternative" art, P.S.1 houses the type of art that will either push your button, have you look away in disgust or cause a heated discussion over 40oz beers at the neighboring playground. The latter is what we did after we polished our cucumber concoctions and met up with S-bot, who arrived later after nursing her hang-over from the tequila+whiskey affair we had the night before.

After spending some time on the dance floor, socializing with our buddies from UGA, Brian and Blair (also our future labor day buddies for tubing) we headed out to Harry's Water Taxi Beach for some pizza and hot dogs and of course the surreal view of the Manhattan skyline. The night was cool and for the first time all summer, I felt a need for a jacket. It was a perfect close to a long weekend of partying.

But did you think Sunday would be a day for reflection? Not really. Some of us got up early and had brunch at Teddy's Bar and Grill in the Willy-b and had a couple of bloodymary's to ease the early wake-up call.

We headed over, making our way through the August rain, to the infamous McCarren Pool Sunday Parties,
settling down with a Brooklyn Lager in front of the dodge ball game. As we gawked at the hot hipster boys wearing no shirts, running around the court dodging the evil red rubber ball, a selection of roller skating-booty shaking music thumped in the background (Allison would have enjoyed that!).

I left the gang admiring their future husbands and headed over to Carrol Gardens for Landau Orchestra's (Jake's band) concert with Bjorkestra. Unfortunately, as I got there the show was cancelled, due to the pesky rain. Sunday ended for the gang at Barcade, one of our favorite bar+arcade, while I took an early night in.

We all met up again at Habana Outpost, an eco-eatery on Wednesday for some outdoor seating, cheap beer and mediocre food, all in honor of A-bot's actual birthday. The night was filled with people coming in and out, getting beers, waiting for food, laughter, plans for a weekend of tubing and overrall catching up. It was nice to get everyone together, yay! I do have to say, even though the food was not stellar (minus the catfish burrito) we will definitely be hitting up Fort Green for some Habana Outpost boozing very soon.

Happy Birthday A!

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