Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Father of Street Photography

Before there was reality TV and the Sartorialist, Henri Cartier-Bresson roamed the globe photographing candid scenes of people in their daily lives. He gave people a glimpse of human diversity and became the father of photojournalism, eat your heart out, National Geographic!!MOMA is honoring him again; his last show there was in 1947, with a retrospective of over 300 photographs detailing a visual map of his trek around the world. Photos from India and Indonesian, the Chinese revolution, Gandhi’s funeral, postwar in the US, old cultures in Europe as well as portraits of iconic figures in the mid 20th century are all included in the show. I can't help but wrap my head around what it is that I love so dearly about his photography, it is a magical balance between subject matter and composition and appeals greatly to our fascination with travel. The show is a must see this summer!


aurelie_bot said...

i've been dying to go see this show! totes jealous that you went!

yer_bot said...

it was super crowded so i would suggest going during lunch or something, i bought the book too and it's goregous, if you ever wanna see it