Monday, December 7, 2009

Lazyrobot's 2009 Gift Guide

It's finally here, that dreaded time of the year where folks scramble from shop to shop trying to nail down that one perfect object that say to your loved ones, "I prreciate jou!" It's a difficult job to do and the bots are stepping up to the plate with this easy Gift Guide for the 2009 season! Bon Chance and Happy Holidays!

For the foodie: a jar of pickled scrumptious-ness from Brooklyn Brine

For the parents of that special someone that has everything: a Sodastream, a machine that can carbonate any liquid, say goodbye to those Perrier bottles!

For the "green-themed" Secret Santa at your underpaid workplace: Handisleeve from the Containerstore (aka heaven on earth) a reusable sleeve for those crappy office coffee cups

For the music nerd: a Stylophone Portable Beatbox machine, a wha, wha, wha? how cool is this and for $30?

For the friend who can't grow a beard: a Beard knit cap! $135 is a little steep but I'm sure some knitting genius out in the Internet has created a way to DIY.

For the fashionista that won't rob your bank: Rubbish Fashionable finger puppets, who needs Dolce and Gabbana when you have Karl Lagerfield and John Galliano on your fingers!

For the poor starving artist: a case of instant ramen and a year membership to MOMA, just in time to see the latest exhibition on Bauhaus and Tim Burton!

For the iphone obssessed/earth lover: iPhone solar skin, charging your precious with the sun!

For that special someone/wind beneath your wings or your dwarf friend: a day @ Spa Castle! you can stay all day and get all wrinkly for the small price of $35/weekday or $45/weekend, (if you're under 3ft, there's a special discount!)

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