Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Autolux @ MHOW

Back in the day, circa 2005, when Soundclash Champion Graham M. was the gracious soul supplying me with habitual doses of MP3's in the form of cd's, I was introduced to some pretty choice bands including Ms. John Soda and Hot Chip. Last night, I had the chance to see one of those bands, the elusive, obscure, phenomenal Autolux.

Autolux never played in Atlanta and by the time I moved to New York, the only way to see them was on their opening tour with Nine Inch Nails (AKA large venues and opening sets.) Therefore, I'd never seen them. Add to that the fact that they haven't released anything since 2005's Future Perfect, a record that can only be described as "Perfect" itself, I had somewhat forgotten about them. But last night's show didn't only remind me how much I love them, it severely pshyched me up for what's to come from this band.

They played 50% old material and 50% new material. The new stuff sounded amazing. The encore blew my mind.

Their newest album, entitled Transit Transit, won't see the light of day until at least 2010 because none of the labels the band is talking to "want to put it out in the fourth quarter." Boo! Maybe if they changed their name to "Autotune" it would get automatically released and snatched up by the public like hot cakes because that's all anyone wants to hear these days.

At any rate, I'm sure it will eventually come out and rock everyone’s face off the moment it does. Autolux = awesome! Don’t sleep.

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