Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kode 9 at Winter Garden

After many a celebratory cocktail at the SSSeaport to honor the birth of Brian on Tuesday, we high tailed it to the Winter Garden for the River to River installment of Dub War featuring the one and only Kode 9.

By the time we got there, Kode 9 was already on the decks (Blame the tardiness on the bodega stop to refill our 32-ounce Nathan’s beer cups.) The concerns I voiced over the sound quality last week were fully realized but they managed to sort it out and make it somewhat more acceptable a few records into the set.

Luckily, they only set up chairs on half the floor and everyone got their groove on to the sexy beats Kode 9 was laying down. The crowd ranged from the usual barrage of dudes that attend the Dub War nights at Love to smelly hippies and guys my dad’s age who probably just wandered in there accidentally but were dumbfounded and unable to walk away from the infectious dance tunes.

Kode 9 is playing the next Dub War party on July 18th and Skream is back August 2nd at the Knitting Factory. I hope this isn’t the Knitting Factory downtown, which is way too small and generally overrun with obnoxious douche bags, but rather the old Luna Lounge. Guess we’ll see!

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