Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vintage Hot Chip

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out to Terminal 5 for Hot Chip’s sold out show. It was a stellar night, much needed considering the fact that I’d lost my wallet with all my important forms of identification in it the night before at a dangerous, dangerous place in my hood called Deity Cellar.

I was particularly pleased that they threw an older number into the mix, “Crap Kraft Dinner,” from their first album Coming On Strong. I shared that sentiment with a couple of friends that night who I consider to be up on their tunes and Hot Chip fans and was shocked to find out that they didn’t even know that first album existed!

I’m sure “Over and Over” was probably the first bit of Hot Chip exposure for many folks but for those of you out there who haven’t heard it, I’d recommend picking up Coming On Strong and checking out the older tunes. It’s more of a chill vibe than the direction they’ve taken as of late. If you’re not interested in seeking out the whole album, at least check out “Crap Kraft Dinner.” It’s my favorite song on there.

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