Friday, April 4, 2008

Murakami @ Brooklyn Museum

I remember strolling through Hyde park in London when I was doing my study abroad there and happening upon a Japanese/manga-inspired/carnivalisque art installation by Takashi Murakami at the Serpentine Gallery. It was a mixture of child-like imagery and acid visions, all cutely packaged for universal consummation. Mostly though, I recall images of disturbing, yet adorable mushrooms and eyeballs but some of my favorite pieces include the large-scale installations infiltrating my dreams and nightmares for the next few nights. Crossing back over the pond, I'm excited to read last week that Murakami is finally in Brooklyn! Maybe we'll get some inspiration for our new Lazyrobots logo!?

The Brooklyn Museum exhibit offers one of the "most comprehensive retrospective to date," including 90+ pieces, focusing specifically on earlier works from 1992-2000. The show is on view tomorrow till June 13.

For a historical glimpse at Japanse art also at the Museum, don't forget to drop in on Utagawa: Masters of the Japanese Print, 1770–1990!

(Photos courtesy of Gothamist)


aurelie_bot said...

I checked out this exhibit yesterday and it was awesome. the wallpapered rooms at the end of each floor (one in flowers and the other eyeballs on pink) are SO trippy! this was my fave painting: Tan Tan Bo Puking. *so* cool :)

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