Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is how we roll

I started the blog!

From the dirrrty south to the big apple, Sondra, Aurelie and I met during our innocent years as undergrads at UGA, that's the bulldog to you and some how we've managed to migrate and re-connect here in New York with a scientific specialization in the Brooklyn area, bringing the lazyrobot, dropping the noise, stealing your moves and breaking hearts everywhere we go.

We're like that kung-fu move you save till the end to strike the evil-doer dead in the heart.

Except the formula doesn't include a grasshopper or a crouching tiger, we're only a frenchie, a southern artist and a hmong girl . . . just trying . . to break some waves . . .

we can begin now ladies, to tell people how crazy our New York lives are and how New York is the shit, YO!

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