Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eternal sunshine on a rainy night

Did you know the last two weeks of Summerscreen were cancelled due to looming bad weather yet both times, it never actually rained?

So with an ominous 50% chance of thunderstorms last night, L Magazine still decided to hold a screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and deem it "rain or shine."

Four words though: Still no porta potties.

On the plus side, apparently when there's a chance of a rainout, no one runs the door. This means outside food and, most importantly, alcohol is most definitely a go.

Not only did the dreaded rain never fall, but the movie was fantastic (as it always is.) Who wants to meet me in Montauk?

Afterwards, we stopped by Kiss and Tell at Rose Bar for some stellar sets from resident DJ Bethany and guest DJ Nick Chacona and then by Satellite Lounge for Percussion Lab's relaunch party.

Some nights, it's fun living in South Williamsburg, despite being "surrounded by Laundromats, bodegas and whooping car stereos" (according to TONY - see Arepa Arepa review.)

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