Saturday, December 29, 2007

Banksy does New York

A month ago, Yer, Jake and I trekked over to Chelsea on a snowy Sunday afternoon to check out the opening of "Banksy Does New York" at the Vanina Holasek Gallery.

As we rounded the 10th Avenue corner onto 27th, we discovered that many New Yorkers had also been struck with the same idea that day. We turned right back around and headed over to Benny's in the West Village to console our thirsty selves with $4 Black Flower margaritas.

As I stumbled home from Boat last night, I remembered that the Banksy show would only be up until the end of the month. I checked the website, confirmed that this Saturday was indeed the last day and vowed then and there to rise at the crack of noon and break my vow to avoid the city until January 2nd.

The Vanina Holasek Gallery is a very small space but it boasts three floors, which contained 30 or so of Banksy's pieces. On the top floor was a note encased in plastic, a "Buy one, get one for free" offer, in which he promised to replicate a copy of every piece sold somewhere on his favorite canvas, London, for free. Banksy is awesome.

Below are photos of some of the pieces in the show. I would urge you to check it out, but sadly, it's over. Until next time, Banksy!


Anonymous said...

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just another white guy said...

Try being 6'3" tall. I hated that gallery. Just so you know.

just another white guy said...

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